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Top 5 (best) Waterfalls in and around Nainital, Waterfall near Nainital, Nainital famous waterfalls

waterfall of nainital/ waterfall in nainital

Top 5 Famous waterfall in and near to Nainital-

Freaky Waterfall, Ghatgarh
Located at just 25 kms from Nainital on the Kaladhungi road, Freaky waterfall, Ghatgarh is one of the best waterfalls in Nainital district. Located 1 km away from road. You need to hike to reach the waterfall. The best thing about this waterfall is you can enjoy jungle trekking along with visiting the freaky Ghatgarh waterfall. This waterfall falls in the vicinity of Cobett National Park, so you have the chance to see wildlife around you.Make sure either to take a guide with you or make the route to waterfall clear in your mind.

Ghatgarh waterfall image

Ghatgarh waterfall image
Ghatgarh waterfall image

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Bhalu Gaad waterfall
Bhalu Gaad waterfall is located 45 kms from Nainital near to the historic hill station Mukteshwar. In my honest opinion this is the best waterfall you can find in the Nainital district.The road to Bhalu Gaad waterfall detachs somewhere between the Bhatelia and Mukteshwar.This is a good place which you can see after taking a ticket of just Rs. 15/- per head. In front of waterfall there is a Restaurant you can have light food there.This waterfall is nestled inside 1.2km of hills and it is an easy trek to Bhalu Gaad waterfall.The trek to the waterfall takes half an hour and all the way through one will enjoy being in the abode of nature. Opening early morning and closing time 04:30 hours. If u want to do something adventurous, visit this waterfall. If you are interested in swimming then make sure to take life jackets with you, as the water near the waterfall in around 20-30 feet deep.

Mukteshwar's Bhalu gaad waterfall image

Mukteshwar's Bhalu gaad waterfall image

Mukteshwar's Bhalu gaad waterfall imageMukteshwar's Bhalu gaad waterfall image
Mukteshwar's Bhalu gaad waterfall image

Dhokane Waterfall
Dhokane waterfall is located on the Bhowali - Almora NH, near to the Suyalbari spot at just 30 kms from Nainital. The good thing about this waterfall is that an unpaved road is there till the entrance of waterfall which is accessible for motor bikes and small cars, it takes around 20 minutes going by foot.
The best part about this waterfall is that there is a negligible tourists there.There are benches to sit and chill, they also have washrooms which are clean and don't stink which was quite a relief. If you want to change clothes, changing rooms are there.

Dhokaney waterfall

Dhokaney waterfall

Dhokaney waterfall

Dhokaney waterfall
Dhokaney waterfall

Subhash dhara waterfall
Subhash dhara waterfall is located in Sattal at just 25 kms from Nainital. Sattal is itself famous for bird watching, varied flora and fauna, and other adventurous activities and is regarded as one of the serene places of India. If you are visiting Sattal then you can give a chance to Shubhash dhara waterfall as well. It is located 1 km inside of Sattal into the forests. The trek is fairly easy and a good place to feel rejuvenated.

Sattal waterfall image
Sattal waterfall

Laduagad waterfall
Laduwagad Waterfall located at 45 kms from Nainital, this waterfall is near to the famous waterfall "Corbett Falls" but i have excluded Corbett falls from my list because, you cannot do anything in the Corbett falls you cannot go in the water, even you cannot touch the water, all you can do is just watch the falling water that's too from the cage by paying 200 Rupees to the authority.
 If you are planning to visit waterfalls near Kaladhungi then give a try to Laduwagad Waterfall.

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