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Top 20 Neem Karoli Baba quotes, Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba quotes

Quotes of Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba's sayings-

neem karoli maharaj quotes
नीम करोली महाराज 

In this post I will list the Top 20 quotes of Neem Karoli Baba. Baba's statement was always to spread love and love everyone.

Quote 1: Neem Karoli baba

"It's better to see God in everything than to try to figure it out."

Quote 2: Neem Karoli baba"Everything is impermanent, except the love of God."
Quote 3: Neem Karoli baba"Whoever works for God, his work will be done by itself. "

Quote 4: Neem Karoli baba"To see God, you must have special eyes. Otherwise you cannot bear the shock."

Quote 5: Neem Karoli baba"If you desire a mango at the moment of death, you'll be born an insect. If you even desire the next breath, you will take birth again."

Quote 6 Neem Karoli baba

"When a man has reached the point where he can sit in meditation for six months, there is no need of eating, no need of latrine or of rest. Only one drop of amrit (nectar) from the top of the head to the body keeps him alive. If a tiger eats that body there is no care, but only when the life comes back to the body will there be pain."

Quote 7: Neem Karoli baba

"See all women as mothers, serve them as your mother. When you see the entire world as the mother, the ego falls away."

Quote 8: Neem Karoli baba

If you want to see God, kill desires. Desires are in the mind. When you have a desire for something, don't act on it and it will go away. If you desire to drink this cup of tea, don't, and the desire for it will fall away."

Quote 9: Neem Karoli baba

"The great sadhus don't have a human body. They are omnipresent. If a saint changes form, he doesn't necessarily have to take on a human body. The soul is the small form and the human body is the huge form."

Quote 10: Neem Karoli baba

"Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment - These are all paths to hell."

Quote 11: Neem Karoli baba

"Total truth is necessary. You must live by what you say."

Quote 12: Neem Karoli baba

"It is not necessary to meet your guru on the physical plane. The guru is not external."

Quote 13: Neem Karoli baba

"The eyes of a saint are always concentrated on the supreme self. The minute he is aware of himself, sainthood is lost."

Quote 14: Neem Karoli baba

"The best service you can do is to keep your thoughts on God. Keep God in mind every minute."

Quote 15: Neem Karoli baba

"Money should be used to help others."

Quote 16: Neem Karoli baba

"If you cannot love each other, you cannot achieve your goal."

Quote 17: Neem Karoli baba

"You can leave me. I won't leave you. Once I catch hold of you, I don't let go."

Quote 18: Neem Karoli baba

When asked how the heart could be purified, Maharaj-ji said, "Always speak the truth."

Quote 19: Neem Karoli baba

"Whatever may be guru - he may be a lunatic or a common person. Once you have accepted him, he is the lord of lords."

Quote 20: Neem Karoli baba

When you remember me I come to you - याद करने से हम आ जाते हैं 


                                                     जय नीम करोली महाराज 


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