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Nainital trip advice, Weather in Nainital in different months, Clothes to wear in different seasons of the year

The weather in Nainital is highly unpredictable, every prediction falls fail in case of Nainital.
The rainfall can occur anytime and the weather can turn from black to sunny in no time. No advice can be given, no forecast can be done in respect of Nainital's weather. Nainital's weather is often compared with the weather of London.
Nainital is a year round destination, still the best time to visit Nainital is from March to June (not so hot, not so cold). I will try to describe the weather of nainital in different months and clothe to wear by categorizing different seasons in Nainital.

By Manoj Khurana [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Weather in Nainital from April to June (Best time to visit Nainital)   

April to June is regarded as the best time to visit Nainital. It is usually a little warm in the day and gets cold at evening during the month of April.
From the month of May the weather starts to get a little more warm and gets pleasant by evening. By the start of June the weather becomes more warm during day time and more pleasant by evening.  The maximum temperature in Nainital in the month of June increases by up to 30 degree Celsius but touching the lake water and the cold wind around the lake coupled with rain splashes here and there fills us with new zeal and refreshes our body and mind.
May and June are peak season for nainital as there are school holidays in the north part of India and most of the crowd of U.P, Delhi, West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana are there.
So it is advisable to book the hotel in advance.

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Clothes to wear in Nainital in April, May, June

Clothes depend on the personal ability to face weather still just to be on a safe side While Travelling Nainital in the month of April one must carry light sweaters and light jacket, especially the oldies must carry.
In the month of May and June full sleeved shirts will do the work just to be on a safe side one can carry a lite sweater.
*No need to bulk up your backpack and carry heavy woolen clothes.

Weather from July till the mid of September

From the end week of June the monsoon starts knocking the door of Nainital. Due to the difficulties of travel and the problems of landslides, people avoid travelling to these hilly areas, though after sufficient amount of rain the mountain look like green emerald. The hotel offers lucrative discounts during Monsoon months. The Administration of Government has become proactive since the 2013 Kedarnath Tragedy, the road blockages or landslides/ road slides are cleared as soon as possible. The road to Nainital is not much prone to landslides compared to other hilly roads.

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Clothes to wear in Nainital in the month of July, August , September

In the month of July. August and September full sleeved t-shirts and shirts will do the work, but after the splashes of rain it becomes a little cold in Nainital, therefore, one must carry sweaters and shawls to Nainital travelling in the months of July, August and September.

Weather from the mid of September to Mid of November-

Grass stacks somewhere in Nainital district

From the mid of September, the rainy season ends. This is the best time to visit if you want to see the beauty of mountains. After the monsoon the mountains are seen to be washed. Days are hot while the evenings are slightly cold still pleasant. Time for the haymakers/ croppers to cut the grass that has germinated in the monsoon and make grass stacks (loote). This beautiful weather exists till the mid of November. This is the best time to do boating in Nainital lake as the days are slightly hot but still manageable in comparison to the days of May- June.

Clothes to wear in Nainital in the month of  September October and November-

Sweaters and light jackets are must while travelling to Nainital in the months of September, October & November. The cold breezes of Nainital during the morning and evening can make one sick and suffer from cold.

Weather from the mid of November to March.

 From the mid of November the winds starts to become chilly, now the days become pleasant and the evenings  nights and the mornings become chilly. Fire become a necessity. The weather become even harsh in the months of December and January, although Nainital is a paradise for snow lovers in those months. Nainital gets completely packed during the end and starting week of the year. Very high chances of Snow fall in the month of December and January. Weather is sunny but cold at the same time, days are pleasant, one can stay under the sun all day long. This extreme cold weather exists till mid of February.

From the mid of February the cold waves starts buzzing off, there are blooming flowers everywhere. The atmosphere and aura of Nainital and around Nainital looks very beautiful in the month of February and March, the weather and city looks photogenic. The weather becomes pleasant with the slightly cold waves at the evening and morning time. The hustle and bustle in the Nainital starts growing from the month of March.

Clothes to wear in Nainital in the month of  December, January , February and March

The cold waves starts blowing from Himalayas to Nainital in the starting of November and are at extreme in the months of December and January. Heavy woolen clothes are must along with heavy jackets while travelling to Nainital in December and January. The cold chilly waves continue to blow until February from the start of March weather becomes pleasant still one needs to carry sweaters while travelling to Nainital in March.


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