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how to choose the best outdoor and hiking pants, best trekking (hiking) pants 2018

Are you planning for an outdoor activity like hiking or trekking? Everything you should carry for a trek or a hike should be of first class, a small mistake can cost you dearly and can mitigate your trekking or hiking experience.
We discussed about best trekking or hiking essentials for beginners in my previous post (click here), now in this post we will discuss about one of the best trekking essentials, i.e.,  Trekking or hiking Pants. 
We will discuss here how to choose pants that are best for outdoor activities like trekking and hiking.

best trekking (hiking) pants 2018

Best Outdoor Pants for trekking and hiking 2018

There are many aspects to consider before buying a good pair of hiking pants for you. Through the help of this post, I will try to describe all the features that a pair of best hiking pants must have and all the important points to consider before buying one.
Let's start

best trekking (hiking) pants 2018

Deep Zippered Pockets-  If you are going for trekking and hiking, keep in mind that the pants you wear must have very deep pockets, the first benefit will be that you can put more accessories in your pocket and the second advantage of deep pocket is any thing you put in pocket will go deep under the pocket and there are negligible chances of falling it.
You can also carry more than usual accessories in the pockets.

  • No to cotton- If you are planning a hiking trip with cotton pants. Then you must read this point.
    Cotton is a cloth that retains moisture whether from external elements like rain, snow or internal sources like body sweat. Even more cotton takes forever to dry and can potentially even freeze up if temperature drops enough. So if you had thought of going to the Hiking or trekking wearing cotton pants, then you were making the biggest mistake of your life.

  • Lightweight-  Hiking pants are made robust to face the hassles of the path and many manufacturers make pants heavy in this process. The best material for pants is NYLON.
    Nylon is light in weight and robust at the same time.
    Light pants doesn't strain the legs and waist and makes the movement in rugged and uneven trails comfortable.

  • Breathable fabric- You can't go for hiking with the cotton pants, Best material for hiking and other outdoor trips is Nylon. But Nylon clothe is not breathable but can be made breathable.
    So you should make sure that the material should be woven in such a way to freely allow the escape of air and moisture and the fabric will be breathable.
    In addition to this a pair of detachable pant (from knees) work wonders to provide extra breathability during hiking or trekking.
  • Water repellent- It's very essential to have water repellent pants if you are going for any outdoor activities like hiking or trekking. Water repellent pants are necessary to keep yourself dry in uncomfortable water conditions. No one can predict what the coming weather will be.
    Nylon hiking pants are best regards to repelling water, Nylon has a very low moisture absorbency and is very fast in drying.
    best trekking (hiking) pants 2018
  • Elastic bands- A good outdoor pants must have an elastic band in addition to belt loops. The elastic band should be comfortable and not much tight. The elastic bands along with belt loops provide extra security in case you encounter any unforeseen incident.

  •  Windproof- Pants meant for hiking and trekking activities in cold areas must have additional thermal layer in the interior for prevention of loss of heat from the body in extreme wintry or snowy conditions

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