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Haat (hat) kalika mandir gangolihat pithoragarh wiki, history, haat (hat) kalika temple gangolihat how to reach, places to stay, places to visit in gangolihat.

Haat (hat) kalika temple Gangolihat wiki, हाट कलिका मंदिर गंगोलीहाट पिथौरागढ़, haat (hat) kalika temple Gangolihat history, haat (hat)  kalika images, haat (hat) kalika mandir Gangolihat Pithoragarh, haat (hat) kalika youtube, how to reach Haat kalika temple gangolihat. 

 Haat (hat) Kalika temple (mandir) of Gangolihat Pithoragarh history (wiki) - 

Gangolihat historic town
Gangolihat town 

Gangolihat is a beautiful town in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 1760 metres above the sea level, this beautiful town is surrounded with two important rivers of Uttarakhand that are Saryu and Ramganga.Gangolihat is known for famous Hat kalika temple and many beautiful ancient caves (Patal Bhuvaneshwar cave) of this region. We learnt about Patal Bhuvaneshwar cave in our previous post click here. Now in this post we will know about Haat Kalika temple
Haat (hat) Kalika
or Mahakali temple is a very ancient temple, situated on a mountain that is called ' Shail parvat - शैल पर्वत ' the temple is believed to have chosen by Adi Guru Shankaracharya for establishing the Mahakali Shakti peeth
in the 9th Century. This Haat Kalika Shakti peeth's history dates back to more than thousand years old and is an important pilgrimage site among Indians especially for the Bengali people and the people of Uttarakhand.

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Gangolihat Haat Kalika main temple photo
Gangolihat Haat Kalika main temple 

The pilgrimage is one of the most famous pilgrimages situated in Uttarakhand. According to popular belief, during ancient time after being defeated from Shumbh the deities came to Shail parvat they eulogized the goddesss to get rid of the vices of the demons. Being pleased by the devotion Goddess Durga took the form of Mahakali and killed the demon "Shumbh". The deities worshipped this furious form of Mahakali at this place, since then this place is famous as the Mahakali Shakti peeth. When patriarch Shankaracharya was travelling from Pashupatinath to Kedarnath, he came to this Shakti peeth and worshipped 'Mahakali'. The famous Haat Kalika Mela (fair) is organised at this place, visitors come from far flung places to offer prayers to 'Mahakali'.

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Haat Kalika , Gangolihat entrance gate
Haat Kalika , Gangolihat entrance gate

Maha kali mural at the Haat Kalika temple
Maha kali mural at the Haat Kalika temple

This temple is of high importance for the India Armed Forces' Kumaon Regiment as well. Goddess Mahakali is designated deity of Kumaon Regiment. Insignias of Kumaon regiment and glorious sagas of Kumaon regiment can be seen written at the temple premises. Kumaon regiment has also built a rest house for the servicemen and the ex servicemen who come Gangolihat to get the blessings of Goddess Mahakali.

One should not miss the morning and evening prayer of Haat Kalika temple, the magical presence of Maha Kali can be felt at that time.

How to reach Haat kalika temple Gangolihat  

From Delhi one can hop on the Ranikhet express and reach Kathgodam by 6 A.M, from Kathgodam Haldwani there is a direct roadways bus to Gangolihat.
If you are booking a private taxi from Haldwani then one should follow the following route:
Haldwani to Bhowali to Almora- Barechhina (In Almora - Berinag road), Barechina- Sheraghat - Rai Agar - Patal Bhuvaneshwar - Gangolihat haat kalika temple

There is one more route that bifurcates 20 km ahead of Almora (next to petrol pump), instead of going to Berinag road one has to go in Almora- Pithoragarh road, on this route there is the Jageshwar Dham, jageshwar dham is among the 12 jyotirlingas.
The distance from both the routes is almost equal i.e 180 kms.
This route is very beautiful. The route to Patal Bhuvaneshwar from Jageshwar is as follows:
Jageshwar- Danya- Panar- Dooni.- Gangolihat - Patal Bhuvaneshwar. 

The second route is best if visiting Gangolihat prior to Patal Bhuvaneshwar.

 Note 1* If you are coming from Delhi by road then the Delhi - Rampur - Moradabad - Rudrapur road is best, there is four lane highway till Rampur and beyond that 2 lane highway till Kathgodam (Haldwani).

Note 2* The road from Panar to Gangolihat is a single lane road.

Places to Stay in Gangolihat-

As Gangolihat is not a city, there are a limited number of hotels the KMVN here is also very poorly maintained, thanks to the credibility of being a adventure guide we were able to get a good hotel in reasonable price in Gangolihat.
As the number of hotels are less and visitors are more, Prior booking is a must if you are planning to visit Gangolihat.

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Places to visit in Gangolihat

Apart from Haat kalika temple, Gangolihat is also famous for chamunda temple, vaishnavi mandir, caves like patal bhuvaneshwar.
Chamunda temple is just 2 kms from Gangolihat's main market on the Chamunda road, Vaishnavi mandir is famous because one can witness the clear view of Himalayas from this mandir.
There are a large number of ancient ruins in Gangolihat (Chand rajas) that are worth visiting to get to know about ancient architecture. These sites are protected and preserved by Archaeological survey of India.
Patal bhuvaneshwar is just 12 kms from Gangolihat (click here)
Chaukori, a beautiful hill station is just 36 kms,
Didihat a village famous for Himalayan view especially Panchachuli peaks is just 72 kms
Pithoragarh fort just 77 kms.

chamunda temple in chamunda road gangolihat
chamunda temple in chamunda road gangolihat

Ancient ruins in Gangolihat preserved by Archaeological survey of India
Ancient ruins in Gangolihat preserved by
Archaeological survey of India

Best time to visit Gangolihat (Weather in Gangolihat)-

One can visit Gangolihat all around the year, the weather is favourable most of the part of the year but it is advisable to not visit this place during monsoon as this place is prone to landslides and lightning strike.
Though it snows during winter but is is still manageable to visit Gangolihat.
The weather gets hot during summer in Gangolihat, and the view of Himalayas is not very clear but in winter there is crystal clear view of Himalayas in winter.

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