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Aarohi Satoli Uttarakhand-

Aarohi is a not for profit non government organization established in the year 1992 headquartered at Satoli village of Nainital district. Aarohi organization was established by Dr Susheel Sharma and Mrs. Oona Sharma, a doctor and rural manager by profession respectively.
The aim of Dr. Susheel and Mrs.Oona Sharma for setting up this organization was to promote rural development. Aarohi successfully completed its Silver jubilee (25 years) in 2017 and after 25 years Aarohi has spread over 100 villages and has benefitted more than 50000 peoples.
Aarohi has its headquarter in Satoli, a village 2000 metre above the sea level.

Aarohi- What we do-

Aarohi organization encourages rural development and focuses on basic needs of rural society.
The three main working areas of Aarohi are-
  • Health care
  • Education.
  • Livelihood.

Aarohi has its own school in Satoli village "Aarohi Bal Sansar".
Aarohi Bal Sansar is providing free education to hundreds of children. Apart from that Aarohi also offer mid day meal to  students and many other benefits like scholarships up to 50000, trips and tours and also takes children from Aarohi to "International Children's Film Festival"

Aarohi has its own hospital in Satoli village, that offers very inexpensive healthcare services, people from local to distant areas visit and get benefits. Aarohi is one of its own hospital in the nearby 50 villages. Villagers feel very thankful to Aarohi for their services.

In order to create alternative income sources to rejuvenate the villages by means of employment for the region's farmers, Aarohi initiated its Livelihood promotion program that produces-

  • Oil of Apricot and body care products.
  • Culinary herbs.
  • Hand made (by villagers) home decors.

Aarohi' s mission-

Aarohi' s mission is to create development opportunities for rural Himalayan communities through quality education, healthcare, enterprise promotion, women's empowerment, sustainable natural resource use and the revival of traditional culture.

Aarohi was awarded with a SIRIRAM WASHESRAM DEVI AWARD  in the year 2004 for outstanding development contribution to Rural Kumaun.



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