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Tagore Top Ramgarh, Tagore Top, Tagore top Trek

In this blog we will know about Tagore top situated in Ramgarh, Mahesh khan to tagore top trek, Tagore top photos, KMVN Ramgarh to Tagore top Ramgarh, How to reach Tagore Top.

Tagore Top

Tagore Top
Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore Top Ramgarh

The writer of  National  anthem of our country Shri Rabindranath Tagore has his past connected with Ramgarh, Tagore had a deep connection with  Ramgarh that most of the peoples are still unaware. The mountains, unpaved roads, ruins of  Tagore's house are proof that Rabindranath Tagore had ever come here in Ramgarh.
Tagore top is the same place where Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore stayed with his ailing daughter about a century ago (year 1903). His daughter's name was Renuka and she was suffering from Tuberculosis. Doctors advised Tagore that hilly region's climate will help Renuka in recuperating from disease. Therefore, Tagore decided to march towards the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand and finally he found his residence at Ramgarh hills. Although Tagore's daughter had died in September 1903, Tagore got attached to the mountains of Kumaun.
Their was a special reason for Tagore to love this place, it is the same place where Tagore got the idea of writing his Nobel award winning novel "Geetanjali". He wrote a quarter part of his novel in the Tagore top only.
This place was so special for tagore that he came here many more times.

Maheskhan- Tagore top trek.

I wrote all about  Maheskhan in my previous article. click here to read.

Tagore top is a 3km uphill trek from Maheskhan Forest Rest House. There is another way for tagore top past a narrow trail from KMVN Rest house Ramgarh. The second route is a little short in comparison to first one but the first route is more exciting in comparison to second one.
I will elaborate about the more exciting route here i.e., Maheskhan - Tagore top route.
When there were no paved roads in Uttarakhand, there used to be a unpaved bullock cart road from Maheskhan to Ramgarh via Tagore top, tagore top is located at top of hill hence has it's name Tagore top. This is the same track on which Tagore used to go about a century ago. Although people's movement on this path has stopped, but even today this path is unabashed in its place as it was a century ago. This path has witnessed the visit of Tagore and has kept the remains of that time.

One has to go on old bullock cart road from there. This place is all jungle, wild animals can be seen hence this place is thrilling as well.
After being on bullock cart road for half an hour one will reach an intersection of roads, from there one have to take the track which goes upwards, after advancing on that path for half an hour eventually one will reach a cottage where Shri Tagore stayed.
Tagore top is surrounded by forests and it provides a nice view of Himalayas as well. One can visit this place any time and any day of the week.

How to reach Tagore Top

Kathgodam is the nearest railhead to reach Maheskhan.
 Kathgodam- Bhowali 35 kms
Bhowali - Maheskhan 8 kms
Maheskhan- Tagore top trek 3 kms.

* Being completely in the middle of forest, tagore top is prone to leopards, hence make sure to bring and keep all the required self- protecting things with you.

Where to stay-

One can stay in Maheskhan rest houses / Bamboo rest houses. read here about Maheskhan rest house.

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Photo gallery

Tagore Top Trek
Path Maheskhan- Tagore top

Tagore Top
A common sight on the way to tagore top

Tagore Top
Greenery all around, view from top

Tagore Top ramgarh
All mountains seem dwarf before tagore top, bhimtal lake also in background

Tagore Top Ramgarh
Barking deers, peacocks, and different species of birds and animals are common sight in tagore top


  1. Tagore top is a very serene place.Thank you Uttarakhand Adventure Guide for the fabulous trek.

  2. very interesting sir
    thanks.for sharing

  3. been to Tagore top 3 days back through the jungle path from Mahesh Khan. Absolutely serene and a wonderful experience. The path at places is as narrow as 18 inches wide so not possible for bullock cart to traverse.
    Wish the ruins- a national heritage are better cared for. Visitors should also desist from
    scribbling graffiti on the walls of teh structure.


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Tagore Top Ramgarh, Tagore Top, Tagore top Trek

In this blog we will know about Tagore top situated in Ramgarh, Mahesh khan to tagore top trek, Tagore top photos, KMVN Ramgarh to Tagore ...