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Where to stay around Nainital in Budget-
Bhowali's entrance 

This is well known to all that when it comes to India's finest hill stations, Nainital's name also comes in it. Nainital's fame is not only limited to India but in the whole world, and because of this prominence it is very hard to get a room to stay in Nainital. Apart from this, the prices of rooms are very high in Nainital, even a simple  2 star hotel costs more than 5000 for a night.

So, the question comes, Where to stay in Nainital?

The simple answer is Bhowali.
Bhowali is a small hilly town located just 11 kms from Nainital. Bhowali is an intersection, from where road to all the major hill stations pass through, whether it is Nainital, Ramgarh , Almora, Kausani, Mukteshwar, Ghorakhal, etc.
I being an Uttarakhand Travel and Adventure Guide suggest everyone to stay in Bhowali and the reasons I believe are sufficient to convince anyone to stay in Bhowali rather than Nainital are as follows:

Bhowali intersection

  • Location of Bhowali-  Bhowali is located in a place from where one can easily visit all the major lakes of Lake District of India (Nainital), whether it is Sattal ( seven interconnected fresh water lakes) , Nine cornered lake that is NaukuchiatalSerene Sattal and the Pristine Bhimtal lake and other famous lakes like Garud Tal.Sattal is just 10 kms from Bhowali, Bhimtal is also 10, Naukuchiyatal is 15, Nainital as i earlier mentioned is just 11 kms. Apart from lakes the famous Maheskhan forest rest house is just 8 kms from Bhowali. Infact, Bhowali is gateway of most of the famous hill stations of Uttrakhand. All the mentioned places are just 15 minutes away from bhowali, one can easily leave for a day trip from Bhowali for all these places
          *River side chamfi camps are 10 km. click here  and god of justice; golu devta's temple in Ghorakhal is 3 kms from here
           See the route map made by me for clear reference.

  • Availability of Hotels- When tourism season is at peak in Nainital, it is very difficult to get a room in Nainital. Those who get rooms obviously pay more than the reasonable price. On the contrary, in Bhowali, one can get the similar room at half price compared to Nainital with so much to explore in vicinity like Maheskhan and Sattal.

Quiet roads of Bhowali

  • Far from clamor- Nainital is a famous city, and because of fame, there is a  huge crowd. Nainital is home to many school institutions, Kumaun university, many government offices, high court of uttarakhand, etc. resulting everyday rush of huge crowd in Nainital and traffic jams and a feeling of being in a city. On the contrary Bhowali is far from the clamor, one can feel the real mountain vibes here and all the lakes near to bhowali like Sattal, Bhimtal and Garud tal are full of tranqulity, one can find complete peace of mind there.

  • Close to Kumaun Culture- Being in Nainital, where there are people from all parts of world one do not get a feeling of being in a Kumaun hill station. One doesn't get much opportunity to interact with Pahadi people and doesn't get to know about Pahadi culture and tradition, on the contrary staying in Bhowali will get you closer to Pahadis and their lifestyle.
    There is so much to explore in our Kumaun region.

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