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Hidimba parvat Bhimtal, places to see in bhimtal, hidimba dham sattal, uttarkhand

Hidimba parvat bhimtal (Hidimba dham, bhimtal, sattal, uttarkahand)

Hidimba parvat bhimtal

Far from the crowded cities and hustle bustle, there is a calm place on the top of a mountain above the famous Sattal lake where resides a Saint, who is in war against the plethora of pine trees in hilly region and promotes plantation of broad leafy trees. That environmentalist saint is "Swami Vankhandi " which translates to "Preserver of the forest", setup his Ashram there in year 1978 and named it "Hidima Dham".
In 1978, when he came here for the first time, he saw the expanse of the pine in the forest, there were not even the broad leaf trees of the local species. Therefore apart from god worship he devoted his life for "forest promotion".
According to Vankhandi Maharaj,  "Animals, Birds, Forests are glory of a sage but when I came here there was nothing, no flora and fauna, I started planting varieties of plants here,and animals and birds started coming here."
And now Maharaj ji has built a huge forest here by his own initiative. The Maharaj ji's created jungle is spread over 40 hectares of land, he has named this area as " Bharat Mata Jungle."
Hot to cold regions trees can be found there, many trees are also carrying medicinal properties with them.

Hidimba parvat how to reach

Hidimba Dham is located on the top of a mountain above the Sattal lake in Sattal 5 kms from Bhimtal. After reaching Sattal, ( click here ) to know how to reach Sattal and all about Sattal) one have to climb a steep hill of 1 km to reach Hidimba ashram. One can feel the magical aura of the ashram many metres before reaching the ashram. The flora and fauna in and around the Ashram are spellbinding, all because of the hard work and dedication of Shri Vankhandi maharaj ji.

On the way to Hidimba ashram
1 km uphill climb

Hidimba Dham's policies (rules and regulations)-

Every visitor of Ashram is welcomed with tea and snacks. Visitors are made to feel like they are in their own houses. Food is provided on time, although the food is made only one time a day.
There are good arrangements to stay in ashram for those who are looking for a hospice or for those who want to serve the Ashram and Maharajji provided one will have to leave his ego .with one's shoes outside the Ashram premises.

There are hand made frescos
in whole of the ashram
Van Devi Temple
 inside the Hidimba Dham

There are many monkeys and other animals around the ashram, but Maharajji strictly denies to harm animals instead Maharajji feeds everyone who comes to the Ashram whether a human or an animal.

Vankhandi Maharajji's ideology
For Maharajji Forest protection is not about launching and joining movements its about living in harmony with nature, as the Maharajji do. It is because of the majestic aura of Vankhandi Maharaj ji that he has followers from every part of world. Maharaj ji is ready to visit Russia in the coming months.( June- July).
Vankhandi Maharaj ji bhimtal
Swami Vankhandi maharaj ji

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