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Sattal Christian ashram address, sattal distance from Delhi, sattal weather, Sattal Adventure activities, sattal birding guide, sattal distance from Nainital,

In this post we will know about

Sattal Hill station, Sattal Ashram, sattal Christian ashram address, sattal distance from Delhi , Sattal Haunted lake, Garud Tal Haunted, Sattal Christian estate uttarakhand,  sattal distance from Nainital, delhi to sattal, sattal weather

Sattal Hill Station

The area that surrounds the following seven lakes is called Sat (seven) Tal :
  • Nal  Damyanti Tal
  • Purna Tal
  • Garud or Panna Tal
  • Sita Tal
  • Ram Tal
  • Laxaman Tal
  • Sukha Tal 
Garud Tal in Sattal
Garud TAL view from above Bhowali - Sattal road.

Sattal is a group of the above mentioned 7 lakes. We will know here about the most beautiful lake of the above, that is Garud Tal.
Garud Tal is situated 1 kilometer prior to the main attraction of Sattal. Garud tal not adjacent to road but it is few meters away from the road, that's why many people go back without visiting this place resulting a small number of people in Garud Tal or a very less crowd.
Garud Tal is also regarded as Haunted lake, it looks like abandoned lake, the number of people visiting this lake is very low, because of this people think that Garud tal is a haunted lake although the reason behind lonesomeness of this lake is that it is a private lake owned by Sattal Christian Ashram and the other reason is that it is not adjacent to road.
Garud Tal is the most beautiful among the other 6 nearby lakes. Due to lack of information about the place people often doesn't visit this secluded place and head towards other common attractions.
The emerald green water of the lake, the lush green forest surrounding the lake and seeing the branches of trees in and just above the lake is vey eye satisfying. The banks of Garud tal are natural unlike other nearby lakes where there are man made banks , one can even walk into the lake for few steps. The Garud Tal and the forest around it are still untouched by humans, no human made structures can be found in this area. The flowing cold breeze of the mountains near the Garud Tal takes away all the pain and tension.
One can easily spend whole day sitting in the shores of Garud Tal. Sattal  is compared with England's West Moreland.
Garud Tal in Sattal

Garud Tal in Sattal
GARUD TAL and its beautiful shores



Sattal  Christian estate Uttarakhand and Sattal Christian Ashram-

sattal christian ashram
sattal christian ashram
Sattal Christian Ashram

There is a narrow trail near the Garud Tal that leads to Christian Missionary Ashram. This Christian Ashram was established by Dr. E. Stanley Jones in the year 1930. This Ashram is open for all religions. castes and offers accommodations and food. This place is meant for those who want to discover the truth of living and those who want to learn the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  This Ashram is all surrounded with jungle and Sat tals. The whole area of Christian Ashram is spread over 300 acres and is known as Sattal Christian Estate. There are 27 cottages for staying there open for all provided one needs to book prior visiting. The Garud tal is also owned by the Sattal Christian Ashram.
There is a Chapel  there available for use and a  Garud Lake side Chapel too for weddings and other ceremonies. The food and cottages offered in the ashram are simple yet very good and comfortable respectively. Celebrations are held at Ashram every year in May- June and September - October that Is attended by followers all over the globe.

Sattal christian ashram Lake side chapel
Lake Side Chapel, at the shore of GARUD TAL


Sattal Christian Ashram Address

                  For all bookings regarding Groups/ Individuals at Ashram Cottages, please contact:
The Manager Sattal Christian Ashram & Sattal Estate Association P.O.Sattal via Bhimtal,
PIN-263139 Distt. Nainital, Uttarakhand, India Phone: +91-5942-247029, 247153 (Off.) Cell : 09927622044 Email : estate.sattal@gmail.com

How to reach Sattal Christian Ashram

Sattal distance from Delhi-

Pantnagar is the nearest domestic terminal, Delhi is the nearest International Airport ( 320 km).
Kathgodam is the nearest railhead (36 km)

Sattal distance from Nainital-

Sattal is well connected with all the major hill stations of Nainital like Ramgarh ( 37 km), Nainital ( 22 km), Bhimtal ( 15 km), Naukuchiyatal ( 20 km), etc.

Sattal weather-

Visit this link ( )to know about weather of Sattal in different months of the year and adventure activities, places to visit in Sattal.

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Nainital tour/ travel guide, plan your Nainital trip,Travel Agents in Bhowali

Where to stay around Nainital in Budget-
Bhowali's entrance 

This is well known to all that when it comes to India's finest hill stations, Nainital's name also comes in it. Nainital's fame is not only limited to India but in the whole world, and because of this prominence it is very hard to get a room to stay in Nainital. Apart from this, the prices of rooms are very high in Nainital, even a simple  2 star hotel costs more than 5000 for a night.

So, the question comes, Where to stay in Nainital?

The simple answer is Bhowali.
Bhowali is a small hilly town located just 11 kms from Nainital. Bhowali is an intersection, from where road to all the major hill stations pass through, whether it is Nainital, Ramgarh , Almora, Kausani, Mukteshwar, Ghorakhal, etc.
I being an Uttarakhand Travel and Adventure Guide suggest everyone to stay in Bhowali and the reasons I believe are sufficient to convince anyone to stay in Bhowali rather than Nainital are as follows:

Bhowali intersection

  • Location of Bhowali-  Bhowali is located in a place from where one can easily visit all the major lakes of Lake District of India (Nainital), whether it is Sattal ( seven interconnected fresh water lakes) , Nine cornered lake that is NaukuchiatalSerene Sattal and the Pristine Bhimtal lake and other famous lakes like Garud Tal.Sattal is just 10 kms from Bhowali, Bhimtal is also 10, Naukuchiyatal is 15, Nainital as i earlier mentioned is just 11 kms. Apart from lakes the famous Maheskhan forest rest house is just 8 kms from Bhowali. Infact, Bhowali is gateway of most of the famous hill stations of Uttrakhand. All the mentioned places are just 15 minutes away from bhowali, one can easily leave for a day trip from Bhowali for all these places
          *River side chamfi camps are 10 km. click here  and god of justice; golu devta's temple in Ghorakhal is 3 kms from Bhowali.click here
           See the route map made by me for clear reference.

  • Availability of Hotels- When tourism season is at peak in Nainital, it is very difficult to get a room in Nainital. Those who get rooms obviously pay more than the reasonable price. On the contrary, in Bhowali, one can get the similar room at half price compared to Nainital with so much to explore in vicinity like Maheskhan and Sattal.

Quiet roads of Bhowali

  • Far from clamor- Nainital is a famous city, and because of fame, there is a  huge crowd. Nainital is home to many school institutions, Kumaun university, many government offices, high court of uttarakhand, etc. resulting everyday rush of huge crowd in Nainital and traffic jams and a feeling of being in a city. On the contrary Bhowali is far from the clamor, one can feel the real mountain vibes here and all the lakes near to bhowali like Sattal, Bhimtal and Garud tal are full of tranqulity, one can find complete peace of mind there.

  • Close to Kumaun Culture- Being in Nainital, where there are people from all parts of world one do not get a feeling of being in a Kumaun hill station. One doesn't get much opportunity to interact with Pahadi people and doesn't get to know about Pahadi culture and tradition, on the contrary staying in Bhowali will get you closer to Pahadis and their lifestyle.
    There is so much to explore in our Kumaun region.

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Hidimba parvat Bhimtal, places to see in bhimtal, hidimba dham sattal, uttarkhand

Hidimba parvat bhimtal (Hidimba dham, bhimtal, sattal, uttarkahand)

Hidimba parvat bhimtal

Far from the crowded cities and hustle bustle, there is a calm place on the top of a mountain above the famous Sattal lake where resides a Saint, who is in war against the plethora of pine trees in hilly region and promotes plantation of broad leafy trees. That environmentalist saint is "Swami Vankhandi " which translates to "Preserver of the forest", setup his Ashram there in year 1978 and named it "Hidima Dham".
In 1978, when he came here for the first time, he saw the expanse of the pine in the forest, there were not even the broad leaf trees of the local species. Therefore apart from god worship he devoted his life for "forest promotion".
According to Vankhandi Maharaj,  "Animals, Birds, Forests are glory of a sage but when I came here there was nothing, no flora and fauna, I started planting varieties of plants here,and animals and birds started coming here."
And now Maharaj ji has built a huge forest here by his own initiative. The Maharaj ji's created jungle is spread over 40 hectares of land, he has named this area as " Bharat Mata Jungle."
Hot to cold regions trees can be found there, many trees are also carrying medicinal properties with them.

Hidimba parvat how to reach

Hidimba Dham is located on the top of a mountain above the Sattal lake in Sattal 5 kms from Bhimtal. After reaching Sattal, ( click here ) to know how to reach Sattal and all about Sattal) one have to climb a steep hill of 1 km to reach Hidimba ashram. One can feel the magical aura of the ashram many metres before reaching the ashram. The flora and fauna in and around the Ashram are spellbinding, all because of the hard work and dedication of Shri Vankhandi maharaj ji.

On the way to Hidimba ashram
1 km uphill climb

Hidimba Dham's policies (rules and regulations)-

Every visitor of Ashram is welcomed with tea and snacks. Visitors are made to feel like they are in their own houses. Food is provided on time, although the food is made only one time a day.
There are good arrangements to stay in ashram for those who are looking for a hospice or for those who want to serve the Ashram and Maharajji provided one will have to leave his ego .with one's shoes outside the Ashram premises.

There are hand made frescos
in whole of the ashram
Van Devi Temple
 inside the Hidimba Dham

There are many monkeys and other animals around the ashram, but Maharajji strictly denies to harm animals instead Maharajji feeds everyone who comes to the Ashram whether a human or an animal.

Vankhandi Maharajji's ideology
For Maharajji Forest protection is not about launching and joining movements its about living in harmony with nature, as the Maharajji do. It is because of the majestic aura of Vankhandi Maharaj ji that he has followers from every part of world. Maharaj ji is ready to visit Russia in the coming months.( June- July).
Vankhandi Maharaj ji bhimtal
Swami Vankhandi maharaj ji

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Other famous places to see nearby

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Adventure things to do in Nainital, Adventurous activities to do in Nainital, fun things to do in and around or near to Nainital

Nainital, located in North India, is a very beautiful place, where every year people not only from India but also from abroad visit for spending some stressfree time in the lap of nature.
The special point about Nainital is that along with roaming here, one can also enjoy a lot of adventue activities.
You heard it right, if you are thinking of going to a place where there is a lot of fun, peace along with some adventure activities then you will get the mash up of all these things only in Nainital.
In uttarakhand you will find yourself close to nature.
We will focus more on the adventure activities available in the middle Himalayas or lesser himalayas
So without delaying, let us know about the adventurous and fun things to do in Nainital and places near to Nainital that organize these adventure activities...

By Rob Chandler from Toronto, Canada [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

1) Trekking/ hiking & Camping- Uttarakhand well known as The land of gods or devbhumi is a paradise for trekkers,  The foothills of the Himalayas are just perfect for trekking and camping lovers in the country. The beauty of these high mountains attract the tourists from all over the world.
 There are many trekking destinations in uttarakhand that take around a week or two to complete. We will here talk about the one or two days treks in Uttarakhand.
Discover those treks in Trekking Section. 
* Things to keep in mind before going for a trek Read here

2) Kayaking- Kayaking can be done at the Sattal Lake, where you can forget all your worries as you take in the beauty of the mountains that surround you. The lake is very calm and peaceful, and promises to thrill your senses and take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Happiness can be found in the simplest of things – so take this simple ride on a kayak and redefine happiness for yourself.
click here to know more

Jungle safati at Corbett N.P
By Ashishmahaur (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

3)Jungle safari- One of the best destinations for adventure lovers is Jungle safari in Uttarakhand's world famous Corbett National Park. Wildlife safaris can be done in different zones of the park by authorised jeeps and on elephant's back.
Corbett National Park located in Ramnagar. Ramnagar is also a railway station.

  By KRISHNA1106 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]
4) Ropeway-  Ropeway in Nainital is extremely adventurous activity. Ropeway takes you to snow view mountain from the heart of the city at Mallital ( upper lake market).
From the Trolley onc can have the mesmerizing view of Naini lake and whole Nainital hill station.
A must do activity in Nainital.

Birds at Sattal

5) Bird watching- Bird watching requires you to observe the surroundings and look for birds.
Nainital district is a birdwatcher’s paradise. More than 500 different species found here in alone Nainital district. With the best birding tours in Nainital, its avian fauna boasts the Himalayan Kingfisher, Gourd Sunbird, Rufous Babbler, Buzzards, Woodpeckers and Parakeets. Popular birding spots here include Sattal, Corbett National Park, Mukteshwar and Mahesh Khan.

River crossing at Sattal lake

6) River Crossing-  River crossing requires you to cross the river using a rope. All you need is patience and strength in order to successfully complete this task. Safety gears will make sure that you have a risk free activity. It is a unique activity which will surely satisfy the quench for adventure and thrill. Sattal is the nearest location to Kathgodam ( nearest railhead) that organizes this activity. click here to know more.

By Gorkaazk 


Human's desire to fly is active since ancient times. One can make it's dream of flying come true with paragliding. Paragliding is an exhilarating experience- after all who wouldn't love to get wings like a bird and fly away from his earthly concerns.
One can make its dream come true in Naukuchiyatal, Ghorakhal in Nainital District.
Go through our site to know more.

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Tagore Top Ramgarh, Tagore Top, Tagore top Trek

In this blog we will know about Tagore top situated in Ramgarh, Mahesh khan to tagore top trek, Tagore top photos, KMVN Ramgarh to Tagore top Ramgarh, How to reach Tagore Top.

Tagore Top

Tagore Top
Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore Top Ramgarh

The writer of  National  anthem of our country Shri Rabindranath Tagore has his past connected with Ramgarh, Tagore had a deep connection with  Ramgarh that most of the peoples are still unaware. The mountains, unpaved roads, ruins of  Tagore's house are proof that Rabindranath Tagore had ever come here in Ramgarh.
Tagore top is the same place where Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore stayed with his ailing daughter about a century ago (year 1903). His daughter's name was Renuka and she was suffering from Tuberculosis. Doctors advised Tagore that hilly region's climate will help Renuka in recuperating from disease. Therefore, Tagore decided to march towards the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand and finally he found his residence at Ramgarh hills. Although Tagore's daughter had died in September 1903, Tagore got attached to the mountains of Kumaun.
Their was a special reason for Tagore to love this place, it is the same place where Tagore got the idea of writing his Nobel award winning novel "Geetanjali". He wrote a quarter part of his novel in the Tagore top only.
This place was so special for tagore that he came here many more times.

Maheskhan- Tagore top trek.

I wrote all about  Maheskhan in my previous article. click here to read.

Tagore top is a 3km uphill trek from Maheskhan Forest Rest House. There is another way for tagore top past a narrow trail from KMVN Rest house Ramgarh. The second route is a little short in comparison to first one but the first route is more exciting in comparison to second one.
I will elaborate about the more exciting route here i.e., Maheskhan - Tagore top route.
When there were no paved roads in Uttarakhand, there used to be a unpaved bullock cart road from Maheskhan to Ramgarh via Tagore top, tagore top is located at top of hill hence has it's name Tagore top. This is the same track on which Tagore used to go about a century ago. Although people's movement on this path has stopped, but even today this path is unabashed in its place as it was a century ago. This path has witnessed the visit of Tagore and has kept the remains of that time.

One has to go on old bullock cart road from there. This place is all jungle, wild animals can be seen hence this place is thrilling as well.
After being on bullock cart road for half an hour one will reach an intersection of roads, from there one have to take the track which goes upwards, after advancing on that path for half an hour eventually one will reach a cottage where Shri Tagore stayed.
Tagore top is surrounded by forests and it provides a nice view of Himalayas as well. One can visit this place any time and any day of the week.

How to reach Tagore Top

Kathgodam is the nearest railhead to reach Maheskhan.
 Kathgodam- Bhowali 35 kms
Bhowali - Maheskhan 8 kms
Maheskhan- Tagore top trek 3 kms.

* Being completely in the middle of forest, tagore top is prone to leopards, hence make sure to bring and keep all the required self- protecting things with you.

Where to stay-

One can stay in Maheskhan rest houses / Bamboo rest houses. read here about Maheskhan rest house.

Book taxis for Mahesh khan and Tagore top from Kathgodam and Haldwani, cheapest rates guaranteed because there are no intermediaries between us and our customers.  click here

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Photo gallery

Tagore Top Trek
Path Maheskhan- Tagore top

Tagore Top
A common sight on the way to tagore top

Tagore Top
Greenery all around, view from top

Tagore Top ramgarh
All mountains seem dwarf before tagore top, bhimtal lake also in background

Tagore Top Ramgarh
Barking deers, peacocks, and different species of birds and animals are common sight in tagore top

Nature valley resort Kausani, Kausani hotels

In one of my Previous blog posts, I have described about Kausani sightseeing, Things to do in Kausani, Gandhiji in Kausani, etc. To read my blog  click here
Himalayas view from Nature valley resort

Apart from Things to do in Kausani, the second big question arises is to where to stay?
The answer is-

Nature Valley Resort, Kausani

Nature Valley Resort Kausani is nestled amidst green dense forest of Oak, Pine and Rhododendron (national tree of Uttarakhand), perched at an elevation of 1800 meters above the sea level located in Kausani - Baijnath road ( near to Kausani's famous tea garden). Our resort's every  room has wide view of snow capped Himalayan peaks and verdant historic Katyur valley. One can also glance beautiful sunrise from rooms. It has quite and peaceful environment, ideal for families, best for honeymooners and heaven for nature lovers.
Our rooms at Nature valley are fully furnished and well equipped with modern facilities to make your stay a memorable one with your loved ones. The facilities offered at Nature's Valley are:
  • Well -furnished rooms, attached bathroom
  • 24 hours running hot & cold water
  • Intercom and Wi-Fi Facilities
  • Conference with 80 people capacity
  • Ample of Parking
  • 24 hours power backup
  • LCD with cable channel
  • Sun Rise View from resort
  • The reflection of sun set on the top of Himalayas
  • Himalayas & valley view from all rooms
  • Travel desk
  • Pick up and drop facilities from market to resort
  • Indoor games like carom, T.T., Chess, Ludo also available and other outdoor games are also available.
  • Multi Purpose hall (2000 sq.feet) for seminars, conferences, parties and other large people gathering.

Rates are variable based on tourism season.


For more booking related and other enquiries contact us at 
uttarakhandadventureguide@gmail.com   or call us at 7669067374, 7060682608



 GST 18% WILL BE APPLICABLE FOR RS. 2500/- TO RS. 7499/-



EP ( European Plan) Room with welcome drink on arrival (non alcoholic)

CP (Continental Plan) Room+Welcome drink welcome drink on arrival (non alcoholic)+Bed Tea/Coffee+Breakfast

MAP (Modified American Plan)  Room+Welcome drink welcome drink on arrival (non alcoholic) +Bed + Tea/Coffee+Breakfast+Dinner

AP (American Plan)  Room+Welcome drink welcome drink on arrival (non alcoholic)+Bed Tea/Coffee+Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner


*Kids under 5 year will be complimentary
*Children above 06 year to 12 year will be @ 25% of the plan with an extra bed
*Children above 12 years will be @ 35% of the plan with an extra bed
FOR EP – ROOM ONLY BASIS – Extra Bed Charge – Rs. 500 each per night

Resort Image Gallery-

Himalayas view from Resort
4 bedded room with machan 

4 bedded room with machan 
4 bedded room with machan 

 luxury room 

Hotel view from Distance

For more booking related and other enquiries contact us at 
uttarakhandadventureguide@gmail.com   or call us at 7669067374, 7060682608


Mr. James smith answer to best hotels/resorts to stay  in Kausani-
(click the link )Nature valley resort 

Tagore Top Ramgarh, Tagore Top, Tagore top Trek

In this blog we will know about Tagore top situated in Ramgarh, Mahesh khan to tagore top trek, Tagore top photos, KMVN Ramgarh to Tagore ...