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Naukuchiatal lake Uttarakhand

Talk about the sights of Nainital, the lakes are the main attraction for the tourists visiting Nainital. Here in Nainital district along with Nainital lake there are Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal which also got the lakes.
Nainital has turned into a concrete jungle, during the tourist season there is a traffic jam most of the day all over the Mall road, now even the DM of Nainital has ordered that the tourists should arrange for their car parking before coming to Nainital.
read here my article about why one should not visit Nainital.

Naukuchiatal lake length and depth

At the same time, the beauty of the lake of Naukuchiatal, the greenery and natural beauty of the lake will still attract you. The words that one will definitely utter after reaching Naukuchiyatal, "This is the place I was looking for". Because of nine corners this lake is known as Naukuchiatal, this lake is situated at an elevation of 3969 feet above sea level, it is 983 meters long, 693 meters wide and 175 feet deep.
Water level in this lake is almost the same throughout the year. It is said that there is natural source of water inside the Naukuchiatal lake, because of that the water level never decrease in this lake.
According to popular beliefs, "whoever sees all the nine corners of lake at one shot, attains Nirvana."

Naukuchiatal Best time to Visit (Naukuchiatal weather/ Current temperature in Naukuchiatal)-

Baboon in Naukuchiatal

The maximum temperature in Naukuchiatal from April to June increases by up to 30 degree Celsius but touching the lake water and the cold wind around the lake fills us with new zeal and refreshes our body and mind.
The monsoon season remains till mid of September, due to the difficulties of travel and the problems of landslides, people avoid travelling to these hilly areas, though after sufficient amount of rain the mountain look like a new bride.
During winter the tempearature ranges from zero degrees to 20 degrees in Naukuchiatal, if you are planning to visit here during winter than do not forget to take sufficient warm clothes.

Naukuchiatal distance from Delhi,  Naukuchiatal distance from Nainital,  Bhimtal to Naukuchiatal distance, (Naukuchiatal how to reach)-

Naukuchiatal is located about 24 kms from Nainital. Apart from local shared taxis, there are 2-3 government buses also operate between Nainital- Naukuchiyatal.
Nainital - Bhowali - Bhimtal - Naukuchiatal ( 24 kms)Shared taxis are available from all the towns mentioned above. Public transport is not only inexpensive but also you get the opportunity to interact with local peoples and get to know about their customs, rituals, etc.
Kathgodam is the nearest railhead for reaching Naukuchiyatal, distance between Naukuchiatal and Kathgodam is 26 km, one need to reach Bhimtal  there is no need to visit Nainital if coming straight from Kathgodam towards Naukuchiatal.

Those who love to spend some stressfree time in the lap of nature, or want a good weekend destination, Naukuchiatal is perfect for them. The special thing is that Naukuchiatal is not much distant from big cities like Delhi and Lucknow.
 From Delhi one can hop on the Ranikhet express and reach Kathgodam by 6 A.M, Naukuchiatal is just 1 hour away from Kathgodam.
 If you are coming from the road  then the Delhi - Rampur - Moradabad - Rudrapur road is best, there is four lane highway till Rampur and beyond that 2 lane highway till Kathgodam (Haldwani).
The distance from Delhi to Kathgodam (Haldwani) is 292 kms and from Kathgodam (Haldwani) to  Naukuchiatal is 30 kms. It barely takes 5-6 hours to reach Naukuchiatal from Delhi.

Naukuchiatal Things to do, Naukuchiatal Adventure sports 

Paragliding at Naukuchiatal
Paragliding at Naukuchiatal

Famous Bajrangbali statue

Naukuchiatal kayaking, Naukuchiatal paragliding 

The most common attraction for visitors of Naukuchiatal is the lake there, seeing branches of trees lying in the lake and watching the monkeys playing on those branches, hearing tweets of birds around the lake is a blessing in itself.
Due to multi cornered lake there is often rain in one corner and sunshine in other, seeing such a scenario is different experience in itself.
Nowadays kayaking in the Naukuchiatal lake is becoming a favourite adventure for tourists especially for youth. Kids enjoy the water zorbing activity in Naukuchiatal lake.
Besides above activity river crossing is also done in Naukuchiatal lake. Naukuchiatal is also famous among tourists for paragliding. Paragliding provides bird eye view of lake, hills and valley which attracts lots of adventure seekers.

Naukuchiatal is also famous for bird watching because there is huge green vegetation spread around the lake that attracts a lot of birds in Naukuchiatal.
Just before entering Naukuchiyatal, hanuman mandir is an attractive place for devotees. Here 52 feet tall Bajrangbali statue draws one's attention from far away.
There is a spectacular view of the terraced fields, mountains and valleys from the temple complex.
Artificial caves of Vaishno devi are also here in Naukuchiatal.

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Water zorbing at Naukuchiatal

Kayaking at Naukuchiatal
Kayaking at Naukuchiytal

Naukuchiatal places to visit-

Naukuchiatal is a serene, far from crowd place, still there are some decent hotels and homestays in  there. Staying around the lake is an exhilarating experience. Apart from this there are many options available for resting in the near town Bhimtal, just 5 kms from Naukuchiyatal.

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There are many more famous places in the vicinity of Naukuchiyatal, you can contact us

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