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Our this article is based on "Why one should not go to exact Nainital and why to visit Vicintiy Of Nainital"
Let's first discuss about Nainital, Nainital is one of the 13 districts of Uttarakhand, it is among the most popular hill stations of India, and the reason one should not visit Nainital is hidden in the populatity of this small town itself.
Nainital is a concrete jungle there are buildings, vehicles everywhere.
Nainital is a place where there is beauty but there is also the crowd of people. The reasons behind over population of Nainital are...
  • Nainital being a district is home to headquarters of all major government departments resulting everyday rush of government officials and there caravan of vehicles on hilly roads of Nainital.
  • Alone Nainital handles more than 25 large schools, kumaun university, and many other small big institutions resulting huge everyday rush of student and scholars.
  • A large number of tourists visit from other states to Nainital 
  • Nainital, a small town with more than 50 thousand population itself, has to bear a burden of everyday vistors, double than its population.
  • A large number of vehicles on road give one a feeling that the person is in a city and not in a hill station.
  • People visit Nainital just because they have heard that Nainital is the best hill station, but those people don't know the actual reality of Nainital.
  • During season time there is huge traffic jam on the mall road, from this year the DM of Nainital has ordered tourists to arrange parking for their vehicles before coming to Nainital.

Where to visit in this coming season

There are lot of places in the vicinity of Nainital that are worth visiting, the places that take you real close to nature. And the good thing is they are barely 1 or 2 hours away from the nearest railhead Kathgodam.

I have shortlisted some of the good places, 
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