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Kausani sightseeing- Places to visit in Kausani | Adventure guide in Kausani| Baijnath temple ahead Kausani | Travel Agents in Kausani

All About Kausani hill station

Things to do in Kausani
Panoramic Himalaya's view at dawn in Kausani. 

Spreading from east to west along  a narrow pine covered ridge, 52 km northwest of Almora at a height of 6000 ft., the village of Kausani has become a popular tourist spot since last few years. The reasons behind popularity of Kausani as a tourist spot are-  The relaxed atomosphere in Kausani that gives one the feeling of being in heaven and secondly the 300 km long panoramic view of major Himalayan peaks from Kausani.

Kausani is a simple day trip from Almora, although it's worth staying overnight there because the view of Himalayan peaks are at their best at dusk and dawn. The major Himalayan peaks visible from Kausani are Trishul ( 7128m), Nanda devi and Nanda devi east ( 7850m and 7500 m respectively), Nanda Ghunti, Panchachuli peaks, Maiktoli and Kamet, etc.

The number of tourists are growing with every coming year in Kausani so the hotels and resorts too.

There are several ashrams in Kausani including one that once Gandhiji visited i.e., Anashakti ashram. Gandhiji walked here in 1929 and stayed in Kausani for twelve days. He wrote a book there in the Ashram, naming "Anashaktiyoga". Gandhiji loved the ambience and environment of  Kausani so much that he termed Kausani as "Mini Switzerland of India".
Kausani is also the birthplace of great poet "Mr.Sumitranandan Pant", first Hindi poet to receive prestigious Jnanpith award.

Places to Visit in Kausani / Things to do in Kausani-

1) Sunrise/ Sunset- 
Kausani is famous for the sunset reflection view visible on Himalaya at dusk. Because of the rays of sun the Himalaya look golden in color. This sunset view attracts lots of tourists to Kausani.Tourists mostly seen capturing the final rays of sun in their camera. Apart from Sunset, the view of rising sun from the back of the Himalayas is center of attraction for the tourists.

    • Things to do in Kausani- sunrise, sunset
      Trishul peak during sunset.

  • 2) Kausani tea Garden- If you think that only Assam and Darjeeling have tea gardens then you are completely wrong, Kausani also has tea gardens. Tea gardens are on the Kausani- Bageshwar road. These tea gardens are spread over 208 hectare area. Uttarakhand's famous Giria's tea is produced here. Organic tea is also produced in the tea gardens of Kausani.The tea from Kausani is exported to major countries like Australia, Korea, Germany.
    These stepped farms of Tea take you to a whole new world.

    Places to visit in Kausani - Tea garden
    Tea Gardens Kausani

    Places to visit in Kausani - Tea garden

    3) Baijnath temple- Baijnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is on the bank of river Gomti, situated at just 12 kilometres from the Kausani market. The area around the Baijnath is used to be the famous Katyur valley of ancient time. The Baijnath temple is said to be built by the Katyuri Kings in the 11th A.D.
    This is a very nice place. On one side of Temple there is a flowing Gomti river and on the other side there is a Baijnath lake filled with colorful fishes. The centuries old Shiva temple is like a miracle in itself. The beautiful temple carved with rocks is still intact in its place since 11th A.D. The crowd is far away from this place.The panoramic view of Himalayas add flavours  to the beauty of this place.The temple has religious significance as well.
    Places to visit in Kausani - Baijnath lake
    Famous Baijnath Lake 

    Places to visit in Kausani - baijnath temple
    Famous Baijnath Temple

    4) Visit Anashakti Ashram- A tranquil retreat situated amidst Kausani where Gandhiji stayed for two weeks i.e., Anashakti Ashram. The Ashram is one of the major attractions in Kausani. Mahatma Gandhi, during his stay at Kausani, penned his memorable commentary on the ‘Gita-Anashakti Yoga’ inspired by the scenic grandeur of this richly gifted spot. Mahatma Gandhi was so much impresses that he started calling it “Switzerland of India”. The view of Himalayas, cliffs and Garud Valley is breathtaking from the Anashakti ashram.
    Things related to Gandhiji  are kept in the form of memories in the Ashram.

    Places to visit in Kausani - anashakti ashram
    Anashakti ashram in memory of Gandhiji

    5) Nature walks- Kausani is one of the ideal destinations in Uttarakhand for spending good stress-free time in the lap of nature. Kausani is in the middle of Pine covered ridge, seeing oneself surrounded in the green woods, walking in those tranquil green woods with sweet twittering of Himalayan birds, is the best experience Kausani can bestow to everyone.
    Kausani is an ideal place for honeymooners too, as this place's serenity gives feeling of being close to nature and spending best part of your life in such a place leaves a memory to cherish forever.

    Things to do in Kausani
    Natural landscape of Kausani/ diverse flora and fauna

    One of the Common sights in Kausani

    How to reach Kausani-

    Kathgodam is the nearest railhead to reach Kausani and Haldwani is the nearest largest city of Kumaun.
     From Kathgodam- Bhowali (35 km)
    Bhowali- Almora(50 km)
    Almora- Kausani (52 km)
    * The distance of Kausani from Delhi is around 400 kms.

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