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Essential trekking & hiking tips for beginners, Backpacking (Trekking) gear list beginners.

Essential trekking & hiking tips for beginners-

Essential trekking tips for beginners, Backpacking (Trekking) gear list beginners.
We all aware that Trekking & hiking is done in places where the encroachment of people is least or not at all, only then you will be able to enjoy the real trekking & hiking experience and observe nature closely, for that one needs to visit serene places. Serene place means a place where there is no human interference and one come across real close to  nature i.e., home to varied flora and fauna.
When a person visit such place for the sake of adventure and exploring one may also encounter there certain kind of animals( grass eaters, men eaters), certain kind of plants ( life taking, life saving),that till date one only watched in the TV.
Trekking is not done on the recliner, sitting comfortably in the home, you have to leave your comfort zone, and have to leave for the remote area where there is non availability of food, water, where there is no signal in mobile network but signals of dangerous man eaters.
In the following points, I will try my best to mentally prepare you for the challenges of a hike and to make your trek or hike a memorable one.

Backpacking (Trekking or hiking) gear list Beginners

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Trekking involves detailed planning before you face the wild situations. Let's discuss the points which a beginner hiker must know and the things that money can't but are worth knowing before leaving for a trek. These are the things that one needs to remember before leaving for its first hike.

  • A Compass & Map is Must- Before leaving for a jungle trek, you must acquire complete knowledge about the trekking (hiking) destination and should take a map and a compass with you. Regardless of how much you have enquired about the trekking or hiking place, but when you face the jungle, mountains in reality you start to realize how small you are before the power of nature. At that time a map and a compass comes handy.

  • Share your plans- According to several hiking experts, sharing your trail plans with those closest to you is very important especially if you'll be trekking (hiking) alone. You need to inform them when you will start, which trail you are going to follow as well as the time you'll return.

  • Sufficient food and water- Whether you are trekking/hiking for a day or more than a day you can never know when the circumstances go contrary for instance if you going for a mountainous pathways, there is a danger of injury and if unfortunately you get a serious injury then you will realize the importance of your stocked up food, so make sure you pack enough protein bars, nuts and extra water with you. Alternatively, you can consider taking water purifier tablets of your choice just in case you run short of water.

  • First Aid Supplies-  As everyone is aware of the fact that you can never tell the next thing life could be so before you go out hiking, make sure you have a first aid kid with essential items.
    Although everyone has different medical needs, one should at least have a basic kit that must include  bandages, antiseptic liquids, sting and bite treatment, scissors, adhesive tapes, etc.

  • Stay safe- When you go for a trek/hike you don't confront there with humans rather you may have to encounter there with damnific  animals and plants that you have only seen on Television till date. Make yourself prepared for the confrontation. One of the basic safety rules is not to touch, pick up, or eat any fruits, flowers, plants along the way.

  • Have necessary tools- You have to make sure to take all the necessary tools and weapons with you before heading for a trek. One must have a big army knife, a lighter, a rope, a small tent, a torch, etc. These tools definitely come handy for every trekker/hiker.

  • Don't use deodorant- This point may sound absurd but this is the fact. According to trekking (hiking) experts before leaving for a trek make sure to not use any deodorant or fragrance in your body. As these fragrances may attract dangerous jungle bees towards you apart from those bees bears are  also very sensitive to fragrances. A bear can sense the fragrance from several kilometers away.


  • Clothes-
    Make sure to fully cover your body, Wearing clothes that are sun proof, wind proof and rain proof is extremely necessary, apart from that wearing protective clothes also keeps you safe from insect bites and other small cuts that can occur during trekking (hiking) especially in Jungle. Before leaving for a trek, keep in mind that you don't have to wear colorful clothes. Colorful clothes attract animals toward you. So make sure to wear camouflage before you go for a trek.

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